Burt Gutterman

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Burt Gutterman
Occupation Managing Director
Employer Endurance Asset Management
Location Chicago, IL
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Burt Gutterman is a Chicago-based futures industry professional. He is a longtime member of the Chicago Board of Trade.[1]

Gutterman was an early advocate for electronic futures trading and served as the chairman of Project A, the first operational electronic trading platform of the Chicago Board of Trade.[2]

He is currently managing director of Endurance Asset Management, Inc. and vice chairman of Traditum Group.

He was previously chief executive officer of Sangamon Trading, a Chicago-based commodity trading adviser. He joined Sangamon in that role in April 1997. He is a former member of the board of directors of the Chicago Board of Trade, serving for six years starting in 1986.[3]


Gutterman began trading soybeans at the Chicago Board of Trade in 1970, purchasing a full membership in 1971. He became a limited partner at Rosenthal & Company in 1972 and began proprietary trading there, which he maintained throughout his career. In 1974 he started Goodman Manaster & Company with Barry Goodman and Ron Manaster.

He was a co-sponsor of Project A, the CBOT's first electronic trading system. In 1995 he was elected as Governor to the Board of Trade Clearing Corporation, the clearing entity of the CBOT at the time. He held that position until March 1997.

Gutterman co-founded Endurance Asset Management, a fund of funds manager, in October 2003.[4]


Gutterman graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1970.


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