Cameron Systems

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Cameron Systems
Founded 2001, Acquired by Orc Software in 2006

Cameron Systems was the technology company that developed CameronFIX, a Financial Information Exchange protocol (FIX) connectivity solution. It was acquired by Orc Software in 2006.[1] The CameronFIX engine is now sold by CameronTec, a subsidiary of Orc Software.


In 2001, John Cameron hired The Boston Consulting Group to write a business plan for the company and Martin Koopman joined as president to expand the company. The CameronFIX Universal Server was launched in 2001, which was a full FIX application rather than a set of class libraries with the goal of making the product quicker and easier to deploy.

Offices were opened in New York and London in 2002, and later in Sydney. By 2005, over 500 fund managers, brokers, exchanges and software vendors used the CameronFIX engine. In the FIX Protocol Limited User Survey in 2005, the CameronFIX engine was ranked number one for global market share by both buy-side and sell-side institutions.[2]

In February 2006 Orc Software acquired Cameron Systems for $30 million.[3].