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Carl F. Adams
Occupation Senior Consultant and Executive Advisor
Employer Capital Framework Advisors

Carl F. Adams is a senior consultant and executive advisor for Capital Framework Advisors LLC where he specializes in business and policy applications for multinational firms and sovereign governments.[1]

Adams is also the executive director of the Financial Standards Foundation and serves as a senior advisor for risk management to the International Monetary Fund; the National Intelligence Council of the U.S. Government; Oxford Analytica Ltd.; Malcolm Binks Associates; The Korean Economic Institute; The Euro 50 Group; The Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee; several private sector financial institutions, and Standard & Poor’s.

Adams is consultant and senior advisor to The Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA, formerly the Bond Market Association), past president and chairman of the RMA (Risk Management Association) New York Chapter; he is a member of the Financial Task Force Committee of the Corporate Council on Africa; he is also a participant in the Business Council of the United Nations; and he is a senior director of the Capital Markets Credit Analysts Society.


Adams served as global manager for country risk and a director of portfolio risk management at Merrill Lynch for 11 years. In this capacity, he reported to senior and executive management of the firm overseeing business exposure by country and controlling its fiduciary due diligence. He established internal risk ratings for over 130 national jurisdictions, expanded assessment of financial and non-financial factors for description of business risk, and shaped internal business strategy and business practice among the firm’s products in all global locations. Adams was a voting member of the Merrill Lynch Corporate Credit Committee, chairman of the Merrill Lynch International Bank’s New York Credit Committee, and a member of various internal working groups established to manage country risk issues. Regular contacts and executive counsel included central monetary authorities and international financial institutions.

Prior to joining Merrill Lynch, Adams was president of Strategic Research International Inc. He co-founded this private firm in 1984 as an investment advisory and publishing venture fulfilling successful assignments for the Dunn & Bradstreet Corp., Carl Marks & Co. [2], and as an SEC Investment Advisor under the 1940 Act. Before formation of this venture, Adams was a vice president for ratings policy and economics analysis with Moody’s Investors Service from 1976 – 1984. In this role, he was a senior analyst of countries, financial institutions, and sub-national governments.


Adams received degrees from the University of Oklahoma and his MBA in economics and finance from New York University