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Carol Burke
Occupation Senior Legal Advisor/Financial Markets
Employer Chicago Federal Reserve Bank
Location Chicago, IL USA

Carol Burke is a lawyer, exchange official and former central bank executive.

Most recently, she was a senior legal advisor for financial markets with the Chicago Federal Reserve Bank.

She is the former CEO of Spectrum Global Fund Admistration, an independent and privately owned fund administrator. She was named CEO of Spectrum in September 2007[1], after having joined the company in September 2006 as chief administration officer and general counsel.[2] She left the firm in 2009.

Previously, Burke was executive vice president, chief of staff[3] and general counsel of the Chicago Board of Trade.[4]


Burke was a 22 year veteran of the CBOT and had served under several presidents and CEOs, including Thomas Donovan, Dennis Dutterer, David Vitale and Bernard Dan. During her time at the CBOT, Burke was responsible for the CBOT legal, real estate, and regulatory, and human resources activities.

She served as Executive Vice President and General Counsel of the CBOT from February 1995 and Senior Vice President and General Counsel from April 1994. Prior to that time, Burke held other positions in the President's office and the legal department of the CBOT. She was an attorney-in-fact and agent in connection with the CBOT's S-4 filing to the Securities and Exchange Commission in 2001 prior to the launch of the CBOT's initial public offering.[5]

Burke left the CBOT in December 2005 amidst a political tussle with then CBOT Chairman Charles Carey over corporate governance issues, including the CBOT board's hiring Mr. Carey's cousin, Peter B. Carey, as outside legal counsel.[6][7][8] Her departure was announced in conjunction with the CBOT's 2005 annual report filing with the SEC.[9][10]

In February of 2004, Burke received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Anti-Defamation League along with fellow CBOT executive Bryan Durkin.[11]


Burke received her undergraduate degree from Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts and continued her education at George Washington University to earn her law degree.[12]