Casablanca Stock Exchange

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Casablanca Stock Exchange
Founded 1929
Headquarters Casablanca, Morocco
Key People Karim Hajji, CEO
Products stocks, indexes
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Located in Morocco, the Casablanca Stock Exchange (XCAS) is the third oldest and third largest stock exchange in Africa.[1][2]


The Casablanca Stock Exchange was founded in 1929 as the “Office de Compensation des Valeurs Mobilières” (Office for Clearing of Transferable Securities). The exchange underwent major reforms in 1993 and launched electronic-based trading in March 1997.[3]

On June 18, 2014, Casablanca Stock Exchange and London Stock Exchange Group announced they had signed an agreement to expand CSE’s activity in the North Western and Central African regions.[4]

Products and Services[edit]

The exchange publishes two main indexes, the Moroccan All Shares Index (MASI) and Moroccan Most Active Shares Index (MADEX). Both indexes were first published and 2002 and reformulated in 2004.[5]

Key People[edit]



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