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Catalys is an integrated FIX environment based on CameronFIX. It is developed by the global software firm CameronTec, part of the Itiviti software group, and distributed by CameronTec and its partners.


The ideas behind Catalys emerged from dialogs with the established user base of CameronFIX during the years 2008-2010[1] and broadly correspond to a re-thinking of the way FIX is used within financial firms from a sub-optimal engine-centric view to a more scalable, integrated and manageable node/core architecture for configuration, monitoring, testing, certification and management better suited to the fragmented and pervasive usage. Additionally, the development of Catalys allowed for substantial re-engineering of sub-systems of the baseline CameronFIX product to yield acutely improved performance and significant functional enhancements.

Current versions[edit]

CameronTec announced the release of Catalys 2.1 in April 2013.[2]