Center for Responsible Lending

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Center For Responsible Lending
Founded 2002
Headquarters Durham, North Carolina
Products Nonprofit set up to eliminate abusive financial practices
Web site

The Center for Responsible Lending (CRL) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan research and policy organization that aims to protect home ownership and family wealth by working to eliminate abusive financial practices. CRL is affiliated with Self-Help, one of the nation's largest community development financial institutions.[1]

In 1999, Self-Help worked with a state coalition to help pass the North Carolina Predatory Lending Law, the first such law in the country. In 2002, Self-Help established the Center for Responsible Lending to build on initial successes and expand its focus to include practices outside of mortgage lending, such as payday lending.


Products and Services[edit]

The Center For Responsible Lending's staff includes attorneys, researchers, and policy analysts in North Carolina, Washington DC, and California who study and report on predatory lending matters and monitor legislative and regulatory activity in state capitols and in the U.S. Congress. the organizations work centers on the following:

  • Policy and Technical Assistance: sharing market and legal knowledge with advocates and policymakers across the country interested in reforming lending practices.
  • Research: producing research on predatory lending to inform policymakers, regulators, and others on its extent and impact.
  • Coalition-Building: supporting national and state organizations concerned about predatory lending.
  • Litigation: partnering with other advocates to advance predatory lending litigation and submitting legal briefs on key legal issues.
  • Communications: promoting public awareness and providing a web-based archive of information for local legislators and advocates.


Key People[edit]


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