Charles A. Bowsher

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Charles A. Bowsher
Occupation Secretary-Treasurer and Budget Chairman
Employer Concord Coalition
Location Bethesda, MD

Charles A. Bowsher serves as the secretary-treasurer and budget chairman for the board of directors of the Concord Coalition and is chairman of the public oversight board of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) practice section for the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. He is a certified public accountant.

He is a former United States Comptroller General and head of the General Accounting Office. He was appointed the position of Comptroller General by President Ronald Reagan in 1981, and held the position for 15 years.[1]

Since September 2008, Bowsher has been the chairman and member of the research advisory council of Glass, Lewis & Co., LLC. He also serves as member of Accounting Advisory Board of Tax Management, Inc. and as the trustee of CNA Analysis & Solutions.

Bowsher is a member of the NASD board of directors; advisory board of the public company accounting oversight board; FINRA board; board of governors of Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc.; accounting policy and practice advisory board of Bureau of National Affairs Inc.; and the advisory board of Extend Health, Inc.

Bowsher also serves as a director emeritius of both Washington Mutual Investors Fund Inc. and DeVry, Inc, having served as a director of DeVry Inc. from February of 1997 to November of 2009. He is also on the boards of the Hitachi Foundation and the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget. Bowsher is also a trustee of the Financial Accounting Foundation.

He was named to the FDIC Advisory Committee on June 3, 2011.[2]


Before being appointed Comptroller General, he worked with Arthur Andersen & Co. for 25 years and served as assistant secretary of the Navy for financial management.

Bowsher also served as chairman and director of Federal Home Loan Banks office of finance from Apr. 11, 2007 to March 23, 2009 and was a member of the National Advisory of The Private Sector Council. He served as a director of Serco Services, Inc. and American Express Bank since April 2003; as a director of Huntington Ingalls Industries, Inc. since August 1999; and as an independent director of Washington Mutual Investors Fund since 2001.

He chaired Railroad Accounting Principles Board for three years and is one of the three principals of the Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board.[3]

While he was head of the General Accounting Office, he was involved in major issues ranging from health care reform and the savings and loan crisis to the federal budget deficit. In addition, as Comptroller General, he played an integral role in resolving the fiscal crises at Lockheed, Penn Central, the Chrysler Corporation, and Conrail. In 1996, Bowsher was inducted into the Accounting Hall of Fame.


Charles Bowsher received his undergraduate in Accounting from the University of Illinois and his MBA from the University of Chicago.


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