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Chicago Research and Trading
Products Acquired futures and options trading firm

Chicago Research and Trading (CRT) was a futures and options trading firm that participated in agricultural commodity trades and metals market-making activities. North Carolina-based NationsBank eventually bought CRT for $225 million.[1]CRT, founded in 1977, had 750 employees around the world at the time of the sale and $250 million in capital. It will continue to operate as a separate firm and the acquisition won't affect employment.[2]


The firm was founded in 1977 with $200,000 of capital; by 1988 this had grown through retained profit to $225 million and the firm employed over 600 staff members. It's been speculated that at times CRT represented 30 to 40 percent of the volume of certain futures and options exchanges and over 5 percent of the volume of the Standard & Poor's 500 stock index futures market. The firm traded over $2.5 billion per day.[3]

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