China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC)

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China Securities Regulatory Commission
Founded 1992
Headquarters Beijing, China
Key People Yi Huiman, Chairman
Products Chinese securities markets regulator

The China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) is the ministerial-level public institution directly under the State Council authorized to govern the securities and futures markets in China. The CSRC is located in Beijing and consists of 18 departments, 36 regional bureaus and two offices in Shanghai and Shenzhen.[1]

The commission has one appointed chairman, four vice chairmen, one secretary of the Disciplinary Inspection Commission and three assistants to the chairman. In accordance with Article 14 of the Securities Law of the People’s Republic of China, CSRC has set up a public offering review committee that is made up of professionals at CSRC and invited experts from outside the committee.


The basic functions of the CSRC include: [2]

  • Study and formulate policies for development of securities and futures markets, drafting relevant laws and regulations and manners for modifications of said laws and regulations.
  • Oversee domestic securities and futures regulatory instititions and conduct unified supervision over securities and futures markets, including supervision over managements and management officials at relevant securities firms.
  • Supervise the issuance, listing, trading, custody and settlement of stocks, convertible bonds, bonds of securities firms and bonds and other securities under the chard of the CSRC. Supervise securities investment bonds, corporate bonds and the trading of listed treasury bonds and corporate bonds.
  • Supervise listed companies's market behavior and their shareholders, who fulfill relevant obligations according to the appropriate laws and regulations.
  • Supervise the listing, trading and settlement of domestic contract-based futures and monitor the non-China futures business of Chinese institutions in accordance with relevant regulations.
  • Supervise the securities and futures exchanges and their senior management in accordance with the relevant regulations and supervise the securities and futures associations in the capacity of a competent authority.
  • Supervise the securities and futures business institutions, securities investment fund management companies, securities depository and clearing corporations, futures clearing institutions, securities and futures investment consulting institutions, and securities credit rating institutions; examine and approve the qualifications of fund custodian institutions, and supervise their fund custody businesses. Create and implement measures of qualifications for senior management of relevant institutions and guide the Securities Association of China and the Futures Associations of China in the administration of the qualifications of personnel engaged in the futures and securities businesses.
  • Supervise the direct or indirect issuance and listing of shares overseas by domestic Chinese enterprises, as well as the listing of convertible bond by the companies listed overseas. Supervise the establishment of securities and futures institutions overseas by domestic securities and futures institutions and supervise the establishment of securities and futures institutions in China by overseas institutions for securities and futures business.
  • Supervise the communication of the securities and futures information, and take charge of the management of the statistics and information resources for the securities and futures markets.
  • Work with relevant authorities in the examination of an approval of qualifications of accounting firms, asset evaluation firms and their personnel for securities and futures intermediary businesses. Also, supervise the law firms, the lawyers and the eligible accounting firms, asset appraisal institutions and their employees in their securities and futures business activities.
  • Investigate and penalize the activities in violation of relevant securities and futures laws and regulations.
  • Administer the foreign exchanges and international cooperation affairs of the securities and futures sector in the capacity of a competent authority.
  • And, perform other duties as assigned b the State Council.

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