Christine Cochran

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Christine Cochran
Occupation Executive Director
Employer Grain Foods Foundation
Location Washington, DC
LinkedIn Profile

Christine Cochran an executive director at Grain Foods Foundation.[1]

Formerly, she was the president of the Commodity Markets Council (CMC).


AT CMC, she was responsible for managing the association and communicating the industry’s views to the US Congress and the Administration. She was also responsible for the operation of the association, including development and implementation of the strategic vision, managing staff, oversight of finances, membership recruitment and retention, and fund raising. She works closely with the Board of Directors, members, staff, and industry and government partners to develop and advance policies of the commodity-trading community.[2]

CMC advocates for open, competitive markets in the commodity futures industry.

Cochran also serves as coordinator for the Alliance for Agricultural Growth and Competitiveness and as the ag section co-chair for Women In International Trade.

She was previously vice president, Government Relations, at the Commodity Markets Council.


She received a BS in Agricultural Economics from the University of Missouri-Columbia in 1998 and a JD from Georgetown Law Center in 2002.


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