Chris Landis

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Chris Landis
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Occupation Head of Information Technology
Employer SIX Swiss Exchange
Location Switzerland

Chris Landis is head of IT at SIX Swiss Exchange.[1] He took over that role on April 1, 2018, after having been division CEO at the company starting on November 12, 2015. He was previously head of the IT division of SWX Swiss Exchange.[2] He works to provide services to the financial institutions based in Switzerland as well as SWX members across Europe.[3]


Landis has been employed by the SWX Swiss Exchange and its predecessor organizations since 1993.

He has been in charge of the information technology division since 1999, with a major focus on developmental and external IT projects.[4]


Landis graduated with a Type B Matura in Zurich in 1978. He also did some academic work in the areas of medicine, information technology and economics.


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