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Christopher Keith
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Occupation Chairman
Employer PDQ ATS

Christopher Keith was a long time financial technology executive who was most recently the chairman of PDQ Enterprises, LLC and PDQ ATS, Inc. as well as the chairman, CEO and co-founder of ExchangeLab, Inc.. He was responsible for the overall strategic business vision of the company and development of its technology initiatives.[1] Keith passed away in May of 2017 at the age of 86.[2]


Keith was president and founder of Financial Auction Network, Inc. an Internet auction based trading system designed to attract the hidden pools of liquidity in equity markets, formed PRIMEX in a strategic partnership with a number of financial firms.

Before that, he was the senior planning/development officer at the Security Industry Automation Corporation (SIAC), responsible for a number of automation products, such as Common Message Switch, DOT, Consolidated Tape & Quote, MDS (NYSE and American Stock Exchange), PERS, Automated Bond Systems, and ITS. He founded and was Chief Executive of DNS, the financial communication service arm of ADP, Inc. He was also the original Chief Technologist of Wit Capital.

He spent 17 years at the NYSE and served as its CTO, leading the exchange’s transition into the era of automation.

After retiring, he continued to develop products designed to alleviate market deformities as the founder and CEO of ExchangeLab, Inc.


Keith received a BA from Stanford University and completed graduate work at Swarthmore and MIT.