Christopher Mahlmann

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Christopher Mahlmann
Chris Mahlmann.jpg
Occupation President & CEO
Employer [[Ideas in Motion]]
Location Valparaiso, Indiana

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Chris Mahlmann is the CEO of Ideas in Motion, a management, marketing and sales development consulting firm. Formerly, he was president of FutureSource, a real-time futures, commodities and foreign exchange quote and analysis solution provider that was acquired by Interactive Data Corporation in 2004.


Mahlmann's career in financial markets began during his college years when he worked summers in the Chicago futures markets.

After graduating from Loyola University in Chicago, Mahlmann joined a Chicago-based brokerage firm and later the Chicago Board of Trade.

He also worked for an advertising agency, where he was involved with the Chicago Mercantile Exchange account regarding advertising and marketing initiatives.

He was recruited to join FutureSource, a global market information and analysis supplier for the futures and options markets, and worked to reinvigorate their marketing. During his thirteen years with the company, he served as director of sales, director of product management, and senior vice president of global business development,[1] until he eventually led the company as president and CEO.[2]

Late in 2004, Mahlmann played a major role for the owner in the sale of the $20 million privately held firm to the eSignal division of Interactive Data Corporation (IDC)[3], a leading global market information company.

After staying on to assist with the integration of the two firms and to lead their global sales teams,[4] he launched Ideas in Motion, a business development agency, in January of 2006.

Mahlmann is a member of Merrillville, Indiana Kiwanis Club[5], Valparaiso Chamber of Commerce[6],Porter County Career and Technical Center Advisory Board, Public Education Foundation of Valparaiso[7] and also a contributor to Biz Voice Magazine.[8]


Mahlmann is a 1986 graduate of Loyola University in Chicago, IL, where he earned a bachelor of arts degree in communications.[9]


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