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Christopher J. Smith
Occupation Global CEO
Employer ED&F Man Capital Markets

Christopher J. Smith is the Global CEO of ED&F Man Capital Markets.[1]

Formerly he was chief operating officer[2][3][4] and deputy chief executive officer of MF Global. He was replaced as COO by is former subordinate Bernie Dan, who was later named CEO of the firm.[5] Smith was also formerly a member of MF Globals board of directors.[6]


Before the reorganization of Man Financial into MF Global, Smith was the deputy chief executive officer of Man Financial, starting in 2002.

Smith joined Man Group in 1992 and served as the executive chairman and global director of operations, IT, risk and credit of Man Financial.

In addition to his oversight capabilities managing Man Financial’s global IT, futures and securities settlements and risk and credit departments, Smith was responsible for operational due diligence and the integration of acquisitions.

From 1989 to 1992, he was a Consultant for Data Exchange Systems Ltd.[7]

Smith began his career at LIT Futures Ltd and LIT Securities Ltd. where he worked from 1979 to 1989.

Smith was among the senior managers at MF Global who bought shares of the company after the stock price plunged after a large unauthorized trading loss was announced.[8]


Smith graduated from Claremont School, Seaford College and Bromley College of Technology.