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Cliq, which SunGard launched in 2010,[1] is a communications hub for market participants involved in the derivatives post-trade lifecycle.[2]

Cliq provides a single point of entry for a variety of activities, including account set-up, allocations, give ins and give outs, so buy- and sell-side firms can track the status of a transaction throughout its lifecycle in real time.

This makes it easier to track, prioritize and manage operations activities, including unallocated trades, reconciliation breaks and other exceptions through unified work dashboards. Cliq, which handles all listed derivatives, futures and options in every global market, also provides real-time alerts to facilitate communication and collaboration.

Cliq helps enable the buy side to communicate with the sell side and executing brokers, and the sell side to communicate with their customers, other sell-side firms and exchanges and clearing corporations.

Ultimately, Cliq gives buy-side firms greater control of their post-trade activities while helping their sell-side counterparts streamline their operational processes and reduce operational, execution and counterparty risk.

Cliq was decommissioned in 2011.


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