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The Consolidated Tape Association (CTA) is the policy making and administrative body that oversees the collection, processing and distribution of exchange-listed market data. It is made up of a voting member from each of the following market centers: American Stock Exchange, Boston Stock Exchange, Chicago Stock Exchange, National Stock Exchange, New York Stock Exchange, NYSE Arca, Philadelphia Stock Exchange, Chicago Board Options Exchange and the National Association of Securities Dealers.

The association developed the consolidated tape under a formal "CTA Plan" filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). CTA is an independent, industry-wide organization.

The CTA/CQ Plans are administered by the participant exchanges, which determine policy matters and oversee system operations. The CTA/CQ Plans are filed with and approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission in accordance with Section 11A of the federal securities laws.[1]

The Consolidated Tape consists of two networks: Tape A/Network A contains market data from New York Stock Exchange-listed securities from all market centers trading such securities; Tape B/Network B contains market data from all other exchange-listed securities including securities listed on the American Stock Exchange, NYSE Arca, and regional stock exchanges. Such data include trading activity from all market centers trading such securities.


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