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Founded 2017
Headquarters Vancouver, British Columbia
Key People Bryce Bladon, founder, communications manager; Benny Giang, founder; Dieter Shirley, founder, developer; Fabiano Soriani, founder, developer; Guile Gaspar, founder, lead artist; Mack Flavelle, founder, product designer; Mik Naayem, founder; Roham Gharegozlou, founder
Employees 11-50
Products Blockchain-based video game platform, collectible digital cats
Twitter @CryptoKitties
LinkedIn Profile
Facebook Page
Website CryptoKitties Homepage

CryptoKitties is a dApp platform for trading digital collectibles - specifically, cartoon cats. These collectibles can be used in a video game based on the Ethereum blockchain.[1]

Company Overview[edit]

CryptoKitties' underlying philosophy, according to its website, is to find innovative ways to use blockchain technology. "We're not trying to build the future," the website says, "we're trying to have fun with it."[2] The company also appears to be trying to drive wider adoption of blockchain tech; on its LinkedIn page, the company says that it wants to "make blockchain technology accessible to everyday consumers by putting a furry face on the concept of digital collectibles."[3]


CryptoKitties was founded in 2017 in Vancouver. On March 21, 2018, the company closed its Series A fundraising round, which was led by venture capital firm Union Square Ventures and Silicon Valley venture firm Andreesen Horowitz. The company raised $12 million.[4]

Products and Services[edit]

CryptoKitties are digital collectibles, like digital baseball cards, that are based on the Ethereum blockchain. They can only be purchased using Ether, the native cryptocurrency of the Ethereum network. Once a user purchases a CryptoKitty, a smart contract "creates" the unique digital cat by adding a record of it to the blockchain, including the address of the user's wallet in order to ensure that wallet owner's ownership of the CryptoKitty. These virtual felines can be traded with other users, and over time their monetary value may change due to various factors, including the market price of Ether. Another factor that can affect the price of a collectible kitty is whether or not that kitty has rare "traits" - these are physical qualities (eye color, ear shape, funny hats and similar accouterments, etc.), or even personality traits. CryptoKitties can also be given to players as gifts.[5]


When a player has a male and female cat (a "Sire" and a "Dame"), they can choose to "breed" those two cats. This means exactly what it sounds like.

Once both cats have bred, the "Dame" cat undergoes a gestation period, during which time this CryptoKitty gains the "preggers" condition, which means they are unable to breed additional cats until they produce an egg. Once this egg hatches, the player receives a brand new CryptoKitty.[6] This new CryptoKitty may have traits primarily inherited from its parent cats. It may also have a "Mewtation," or a totally new, rare, unique trait that adds to the cat's market value.[7]

Key People[edit]

  • Bryce Bladon - founder, communications manager
  • Dieter Shirley - founder, developer
  • Fabiano Soriani - founder, developer
  • Guile Gaspar - founder, lead artist
  • Mack Flavelle - founder, product designer
  • Benny Giang - founder
  • Mik Naayem - founder
  • Roham Gharegozlou - founder