Daryl Byrne

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Daryl Byrne
Occupation Chief Executive
Employer Euronext Dublin
Location Dublin, Ireland

Daryl Byrne is the chief executive of Euronext Dublin, formerly the Irish Stock Exchange. He is also the head of debt and funds listings and ETFs.[1]

He joined the Irish Stock Exchange in 2000 and held a number of senior management roles before becoming CEO in 2018 after Deirdre Somers resigned from that role.[2]


As the Irish Exchange's chief regulatory officer starting in 2011, Byrne led a team of 30, with responsibility for regulation and operations relating to the listing of financial instruments on Euronext Dublin's markets. He was responsible for Euronext Dublin's regulatory engagement with issuers and market participants, as well as domestic and EU regulatory authorities. He was instrumental in the development of Euronext Dublin's global markets for securities.

Previously he held the position of head of strategy planning and brand at the exchange.

Before joining Euronext, he was the senior audit officer at New England Financial (A MetLife Company), and before that was a senior auditor at EY.


He earned a Bachelor of Business Studies, Finance, from Trinity College Dublin.