David A. Hoyt

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David A. Hoyt
Occupation Senior Executive Vice President, Wholesale Banking
Employer Wells Fargo & Co.
Location San Francisco
Website www.wellsfargo.com

David Hoyt is a senior executive vice president for Wells Fargo & Co. and head of the wholesale banking group.[1] He oversees the asset management, capital markets, commercial banking, commercial real estate, corporate banking, insurance, international, investment banking, and treasury management groups, and Wells Fargo Capital Finance.[2]

Hoyt is a board member of the Shanghai Commercial Bank Ltd.


Hoyt formerly managed the capital markets group, the workout related groups for the wholesale bank, and was involved in various functions relating to the overall credit quality of the bank’s portfolio. Dave also was senior credit officer for the real estate group, manager of the bank’s credit training function, and manager of the East Bay office of the real estate group.


Hoyt graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration.


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