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David Hightower
Occupation President and Co-Founder of The Hightower Report
Location Chicago

David Hightower is president and co-founder of The Hightower Report, a stocks and commodities forecast service. The company distributes comprehensive daily research reports to over 3,000 locations in 45 countries worldwide. In July of 2008, Hightower told Futures Magazine that his research is often white-labeled, and many times the end user isn't aware of its origin.[1]

Hightower is a frequent guest with media outlets, including CNN and Bloomberg Television and produces podcasts on global economic issues.[2]

In 2008, he participated as a commodity analyst participant in the seventh annual Dow Jones Indexes Commodity Outlook which was hosted by CME Group.[3]

Hightower was quoted in a 2008 BusinessWeek article as saying that at the beginning of his career, prices in the agricultural commodities markets were dictated mainly by what occurred in a "500-mile circle around Decatur, Il." but that influences now "come from every corner of the world, and that's increased volatility."[4]


Until recently, Hightower was a principal with a commodity trading advisor (CTA). Prior to founding The Hightower Report, he was director of research at commodity brokerage firm Stotler & Company, where he directed over 40 analysts.[5]

Hightower was one of the first paid full-time analysis in the early 1980s to focus on the stock index market. He continues to cover the index markets.[6]

In his over 25 years in commodity research, he has also served as an options specialist at the commercial level and has been responsible for strategy decisions using options on futures at several companies. He's worked with regulatory agencies as a witness on various issues regarding hedging procedures, validating various research projects and in preparing government trial efforts.

Hightower has also educated a number of Chinese and Japanese traders in basic and advanced hedging techniques.[7]



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