Dean Becker

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Dean Becker
Occupation CEO of ICAP Patent Brokerage
Employer ICAP

Dean Becker is the chief executive officer of ICAP Patent Brokerage. He manages operations in North America, Europe, and Asia.

He has been a creator and leader of patent auctions since 2006, as well as being an entrepreneur in the development of technology markets. He has done buy-side and sell-side work with inventors, law firms, corporations, universities, and government agencies both domestic and international.[1]


Becker began his career more than 30 years ago in the wireless paging industry working with a relatively unknown technology, wireless 900 megahertz paging, targeting niche service and professional markets. He is widely credited with creating the market for general consumer paging, coining the term “beeper” in the process. He assembled and sold the first consumer paging service in America, Becker Beeper, which became the largest privately held radio paging and electronic messaging service in the country.

He sold the beeper company in 1994 for $40 million. He later joined Ocean Tomo, whose transactions division was acquired by ICAP on June 16 2009.[2]