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Efforce logo.jpg
Founded 2020
Headquarters MILAN, Italy and VALLETTA, Malta,
Key People Sergio Carloni, CEO; Steve Wozniak, Engineer and Co-Founder; Ken Hardesty, Co-Founder; Jacopo Visetti, Project Lead and Co-Founder; Jacopo Vanetti, CTO and Co-Founder; Stefano Scozzese, Head of Communication and Co-Founder; Andrea Castiglione, Investor Relations and Co-Founder
Employees 15-20
Products Marketplace for investments in energy efficiency projects
Twitter @EfforceOfficial
Website Home

Efforce is the name of a project that is designed to broaden investment in energy efficiency projects through crowdfunding.

Energy services companies (ESCOs), which is a general term, are special purpose investment companies that fund private and public sector energy efficiency projects. ESCOs can finance their own capital needs through the sale of tokens for projects validated by Efforce.[1]

Token holders invest in Efforce projects by subscribing to "energy performance smart contracts" which pay the holders over time the value of the project savings as they accrue.[2]