Euronext Paris

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Euronext Paris
Headquarters Paris
Key People Anthony Attia, Chief Executive
Products Listed equities

NYSE Euronext Paris is the Paris arm of the Euronext group of companies. It currently lists 586 company listings (excluding investment funds)—528 domestic and 58 foreign—with a market capitalization of € 1,197,013,000,000, as of 31 December 2011.


The precursor to Euronext Paris, The Lyon Bourse, was established in the mid-1500s. In 1801, the new-style Paris Bourse was officially recognized, and the number of brokers (called "agents de change") set at 60 in 1786, was increased to 71. Construction of the Palais Brongniart, which housed the Paris Bourse for more than 150 years, began in 1807 and was completed in 1827. Paris Bourse joined the NYSE Euronext family of exchanges as NYSE Euronext Paris in 2000.[1]

Products and Services[edit]

The CAC 40 Index is the main benchmark for NYSE Euronext Paris. It contains 40 equities selected from the top 100 market capitalization and the most active listed equities. Its performance is closely correlated to that of the market as a whole, and is the underlying asset for options and futures contracts.

Key People[edit]


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