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Exberry logo from twitter.jpg
Founded 2017
Headquarters London and Tel Aviv
Key People Guy Melamed, CEO; Ronen Nachmias, Co-founder & CTO; Magnus Almqvist, Head of Sales; Dudi Krisher, Co-founder & Head of Product
Employees 16
Products Trading platform
Twitter @Exberry3
LinkedIn Profile
Website exberry.io
Releases Company News

Exberry is a technology vendor that specializes in advanced trading technologies for exchanges. We provide a range of solutions and services to support exchange infrastructures, emphasizing adaptability to various market environments, including cloud, bare metal high-performance computing, or hosting and managing computer systems, software, and data within an organization's physical location or data center.

Exberry specializes in matching engine development and creating tools for developing trading platforms. It launched its multi-asset class exchange infrastructure on June 23, 2020, designed to enable traditional, alternative and digital asset exchanges to launch, pivot and scale.

Exberry is part of OM2 Group.

One solution is the “Matching Engine-as-a-Service” concept, which it says allows clients to reap the benefits of a cloud-based or on premise solution. The company says that its technology is easy to integrate into both new and existing exchanges in all asset classes and capital markets, especially new digital assets.[1]


Exberry serves a diverse range of alternative markets that extend beyond traditional finance, catering to investors seeking unique opportunities, diversification, and specialized platforms. These alternative markets encompass various sectors and asset classes, including private equity, carbon credits, ESG investments, venture capital, hedge funds, and real estate investment. Exberry provides the infrastructure and solutions to facilitate trading and investment in these unconventional segments, supporting innovation and offering fresh avenues for investors.[2]

In August 2020, Exberry announced that it had entered an official partnership with Digital Asset. Through this partnership, Exberry and Digital Asset created a pre-made digital infrastructure that uses both Exberry's matching engine technology and Digital Asset's DAML coding language. In addition to the matching engine, this infrastructure includes functions such as asset tokenization, user registration, and trade settlement. The infrastructure is designed to be used by businesses to quickly create new digital asset trading platforms instead of creating one from scratch.[3]

Trading Platform[edit]

Exberry Trading Platform offers a suite of services for trading, including order matching, order management, market data, reference data management, circuit breakers, admin tools, APIs, trade monitoring, trade reporting, RFQ trading, disaster recovery, and a user-friendly trading application.[4]

Carbon Markets[edit]

Exberry's Carbon Markets solution is designed to support the growing regulated carbon markets, projected to become a multi-billion-dollar industry by 2030. It facilitates the creation of a regulated carbon exchange network that connects with other markets, ensuring liquidity, accessibility, interoperability, and compliance with international standards while preserving carbon sovereignty.[5]


CryptoMarketsWiki Podcast[edit]

John Lothian News spoke with Magnus Almquist, Head of Exchange Development in June 2020.