FIA Boca International Futures Industry Conference

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The Futures Industry Association (FIA) runs an annual conference that takes place in March at the Boca Raton Resort & Club in Boca Raton, Florida. Since 1975, the FIA has held its conference in Florida.

The conference is host to an audience of more than 1,100 senior-level futures industry professionals, brokerage executives, technology and operations officers, exchange officials, money managers, and public policy leaders - including members of Congress, regulatory officials and congressional staff. Delegates from more than 30 countries attend the annual event.[1]

Some key facts about attendees are:

  • Nearly 60 percent of its attendees are senior management (chairmen, presidents, EVP/SVP, CEO, founding directors or partners).
  • International guests represent 30 countries and account for 25 percent of attendees.
  • More than 50 international exchanges from Chicago to Shanghai are represented.
  • 40 brokerage firms and an increasing number of buy-side firms attend. [2]


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