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The front-end application is a software program for traders that interacts directly between the user and the market. In electronic trading, the front-end application may be provided by an exchange, a broker or an independent software vendor. Some traders have proprietary trading applications that might connect directly to an exchange or through an API connection to another front-end trading system. The trading software is installed on the user's own PC and connects directly or via the Internet.

Exchange Solutions[edit]

CME Front-end Applications[edit]

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) decomissioned Globex Trader at the end of 2007. The CME offers traders access to Globex via third-party applications, CME EOS Trader or CME Galax-C handhelds.[1]

  • Certified ISV Applications[2]
  • Certified Broker Applications[3]

ICE WebICE[edit]

The Intercontinental Exchange's proprietary browser-based front-end application is called WebICE. WebICE provides access to ICE's futures and over-the-counter markets.[4]

WebICE features include:

  • Single-click order entry and trading functionality;
  • Integration from Excel formulas into WebICE via ICEMaker;
  • Position Keeper tracks daily buys and sells on the exchange affording a trader real-time profit and loss figures;
  • Configurable trading screen.

ISE Front-end Applications[edit]

Members of the ISE can connect to ISE's electronic trading matching engine using either a FIX or API interface, or ISE’s PrecISE Trade front end.[5]

Third Party Solutions[edit]


LiquidPoint's Heat front-end tools provide market information, advanced options analytic capabilities and reporting capabilities. The Heat Order Entry screen allows users to enter and manage their orders electronically as individual legs and as spreads. The Heat front-end options tools provide real-time market information and options analysis, enabling the trader to track price, depth of market and impact on position on a single screen.[6]

OptionsCity™ Metro[edit]

OptionsCity™ Metro, is a fully configurable electronic trading platform that creates a distinctive edge by enabling options traders to have full control over trading, safety and risk management. OptionsCity™ Metro allows a simplified trading experience by providing: Intuitive Interface, Dynamic Quoting Engine, Mitigating Risk Substantially, Lowering High-scale Costs, Increase Reliability, High Performance, Extensible Connectivity and Easy Integration.[7]


The X_TRADER order-entry platform from Trading Technologies connects professional traders with the industry's leading international derivatives exchanges. X_TRADER provides traders with extensive functionality, including:

  • High-speed connections to the world's primary futures exchanges
  • Single-click trade execution
  • Real-time fill and position details
  • MD Trader, the patented vertical market depth display
  • Integrated charting and analytics with X_STUDY.


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