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Futures Magazine
Founded 1972
Headquarters Chicago, IL
Employees 3
Products Futures Magazine
Twitter @FuturesMagazine
Website http://www.futuresmag.com

Established in 1972, Futures Magazine is a defunct print and online publication that served the derivatives industry. Dan Collins was its last editor-in-chief.

Futures Magazine has had several owners over the years, starting as a magazine with Merrill Oster. More recently the magazine has been owned by Summit Business Media, Highline Media and Adams Business Media. In February of 2013, Futures Magazine and its digital properties, including Futuresmag.com, ResourceInvestor.com and all related e-newsletters were acquired by newly formed media company The Alpha Pages, LLC.[1]

Futures was purchased by Highline Media[2] from Adams Business Media in 2005, and in November of 2006, Highline was acquired by Summit Business Media.[3]

Futures Magazine is written for traders who use commodity and financial futures, options, stocks and forex markets to make money. The magazine's purpose is to educate traders and advance that knowledge as they grow. There is a focus on analyzing global markets both technically and fundamentally and providing information on price movement, volatility and future trends.


The original concept for the publication began with Leon Rose and Mort Baratz, creators of Managed Account Reports. Merrill Oster purchased the newsletter of "Futures" (formerly “Commodities”) and turned it into a magazine that covered mainly the commodity markets. As a farmer, journalist and trader, he combined talents to grow a business that was vertically integrated into the entire futures industry. In 1983, with the growth of financial futures contracts, the magazine’s name was changed to Futures. Highline Media purchased Futures Magazine Group in October 2005.

Since its start the magazine has grown to cover not only the futures markets, but options, forex and stock markets, as well. It is distributed world wide and covers not only all markets, but all geographical centers, with correspondents both in Europe and Asia.

In February of 2009, it was announced that had teamed up with InXpo, a firm focused on privately-branded virtual events, to produce their series of Futures I-Trade shows. These shows offer traders strategies for navigating today's challenging markets. They held two of these events in May and December of 2008 and will repeat these again this year. Their next event is slated for May 19th-20th of 2009.[4]

Dan Collins served as managing editor of Futures Magazine in the years immediately prior to its acquisition by The Alpha Pages, LLC. He returned to Futures in 2013 and replaced Ginger Szala.

Other alumni of the magazine include Ginger Szala, James Holter, Carla Cavaletti, and Jim Kharouf.