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Gavin Wood
Occupation Co-Founder, CTO
Employer Parity Technologies
Location London, United Kingdom
Personal Twitter @gavofyork
LinkedIn Profile

Gavin Wood was an early developer for and one of the founders of Ethereum.


Wood worked as a programmer in several software design firms after completing his PhD.[1]

Shortly after reading Vitalik Buterin's Ethereum white paper in late 2013, Wood private-messaged Buterin in a "cold-call" to introduce himself and suggest that he could contribute to the project.[2] Wood served as CTO of Ethereum.

Web 3.0[edit]

Wood is a founder of Web3 Foundation, a Swiss-registered project organized around promoting decentralization of the internet using blockchain technologies. Web 3.0 is a general concept regarding developments leading to the next stage of development of the world wide web.

Having developed the Polkadot protocol, which is a technology that uses multiple separate chains, Wood began work on a development platform called Substrate.


Gavin Wood attended the University of York in the United Kingdom. He received a Master of Engineering degree in computer systems and software engineering and a PhD in music visualization for human computer interfacing.[3]


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