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Hanoi Securities Trading Center (HaSTC)
Founded March 2005
Headquarters Hanoi, Vietnam
Key People General Director Tran Van Dzung
Products HaSTC Index
Website http://en.hastc.org.vn/

The Hanoi Securities Trading Center (HaSTC) is Vietnam's fully automated trading counterpart to the more established HoChiMinh Stock Exchange (HSX), listing and trading government bonds and shares in small-cap and mid-cap firms mostly by auction. The HaSTC began trading in 2005 and will be transformed into an over-the-counter OTC securities market by 2010.


The HaSTC was approved for establishment in August 2003 and offically launched in March 2005, followed four months later by a secondary share-trading market for new listings. The first two-year phase of its development comprised organizing and conducting auctions of new share listings and government bonds denominated in Vietnamese dong, while the next three-year phase is aimed at establishing a fully functioning Vietnamese OTC market.[1]


Like the HSX, the HaSTC is overseen and regulated by the State Securities Commission of Vietnam (SSCV). HaSTC-traded shares have lower capital, shareholding and profitability requirements for listing than those on HSX, with new listings requiring charter capital of 5 billion Vietnamese dong, 50 shareholders and one year of profitability after registering. As of March 20, 2009 the HaSC listed 177 stocks for trading with a total market value of 211.5 billion Vietnamese dong.[2]

HaSTC Index[edit]

The HaSTC Index is a captialization-weighted price index comprising all stocks traded on the HaSTC exchange[3] and serves as a benchmark for the small-cap and medium-cap stock markets in Vietnam compared to the more blue-chip VN Index. After two years of growth the HaSTC Index was clobbered in 2008 following the global credit crisis, losing more than two-thirds of its value over the year to close at 105.12 after opening 2008 at 322.34 amid hopes of hitting 500 by year-end.[4] Since then the HaSTC Index has slid below 100 to close on March 20 at 95.57.

Key People[edit]

Hanoi Securities Trading Center General Director Tran Van Dzung, 44, has held the position since the HaSTC began operating in 2005.[5]

Latest news[edit]

The HaSTC successfully auctioned off a $US100 million issuance of 2009's first dollar-denominated government bonds, carrying a 3% coupon, on March 20. The Vietnamese government plans to issue a further $200 million in US dollar bonds over the year to finance infrastructure projects and the budget deficit.[6]


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