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Hanley Group
Founded 1986
Headquarters Chicago, IL
Key People George Hanley, President
Website http://www.hanleygroup.com

The Hanley Group is a proprietary trading firm and was founded by George Hanley in 1986, following his success as a trader in the soybean options pit. The firm focused on low-risk, high-opportunity trades in the grain markets. In 1989 the firm expanded into the New York markets. It developed a trader support/training program designed to provide traders with technical support, research and development and mentoring.


Hanley Group became a member firm at the CBOT in 1998. With the push toward electronic trading, Hanley Group established an off-floor electronic trading desk which focused on US equities. In January 2000, Hanley Group began trading at the Chicago Board Options Exchange and established itself as a broker dealer.

The firm has expanded its electronic capability by becoming a member firm at the New York Board of Trade/Intercontinental Exchange (NYBOT/ICE), the Kansas City Board of Trade (KCBOT), the Minneapolis Grain Exchange and the COMEX exchange.[1]

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