Hervé Saint-Sauveur

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Hervé Saint-Sauveur

Hervé Saint-Sauveur is senior advisor to the chairman and senior advisor to the chief executive officer, Société Générale Group.[1]

He is director of several institutions: Director and Chairman of the Economic Financial and Fiscal Committee at the Chambre de Commerce de Paris, a member of the strategic advisory board at KPMG France, Director and Chairman of the audit committee at SPORA, Director of The French National Statistics Council and Vice Chairman, Chairman of the Audit Committee at LCH.Clearnet.[2]


Saint-Sauveur joined Société Générale's Economic Research Department in 1973. Between 1980 and 1984, he was head of the SG Planning and Control Department. He then became Chief Executive Officer for Europe Computer Systems (a subsidiary of Société Générale specialising in computer operational lease). In 1990 he returned to SG as head of Operations of the Capital Markets Division. He left this position in December 1994 in order to become Chief Financial Officer of the Group and member of the executive committee. Between 2003 and 2006 he was senior advisor to Société Générale's Chairman and CEO.


Hervé Saint-Sauveur is a graduate of Ecole Polytechnique in Paris and of ENSAE (Ecole Nationale de la Statistique et de L’Administration Economique).