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The ICE Feed Wheat contract is an electronically traded agricultural product with physical delivery. ICE's futures and options on futures contracts for ICE Western Barley, ICE Canola and ICE Feed Wheat transitioned from the WCE trading platform to the ICE Trading Platform on Dec. 10, 2007.[1]


There are two sources of feed wheat. A cultivar can be licensed as a feed grain or feed grain can arise as a result of down grading. With regard to other classes of wheat, feed wheat arises when the percentage of other classes or non-registered varieties exceeds the tolerance specified for the lowest scheduled grade.[2]

Data Quotes[edit]

ICE offers data quotes on a subscription basis.[3]

Feed Wheat futures
Exchange ICE
Settlement Physically delivered
Contract Size 20 tonnes of any one deliverable grade
Pricing Unit Need pricing unit!
Tick Value 5 pence per tonne (£5)
Contract Months anuary, March, May, July, November such that ten delivery months are available for trading

Please note that in the case of Feed Wheat Futures and Options contracts, when a July delivery/expiry month expires, this will be replaced by a new November delivery/expiry month and when a November delivery/expiry month expires, this will be replaced by a new July delivery/expiry month.

Last Trading Day Twenty third calendar day of delivery month (in the case of July delivery months, the seventh calendar day) at 12:30 (if not a business day then the first business day immediately preceding)
Note: This contract is electronic ONLY -- no open outcry
  No Open Outcry Electronic
Trading Hours N/A New York: 4:25 AM - 12:28 PM, 04:25 - 12:28
Ticker Symbol N/A WW
Price Limits N/A Limits Reasonability Limit (Dynamic Price Limits): 50 ticks (5.00 CAD)/ Daily Price Limit is 100 ticks (10.00 CAD).