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ICE Mortgage Technology
Founded 1997
Headquarters Pleasanton, California
Key People Tim Bowler, President, Joe Nackashi, Vice Chair
Employees 1,001-5,000 employees
Products Encompass®, Simplifile®, Fee Services, Product, Pricing, and Eligibility Engine (PPE), MSP® Mortgage Servicing System
Twitter @ICEMortgageTech
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ICE Mortgage Technology, formerly known as Ellie Mae, is a provider of cloud-based platforms and digital solutions for the mortgage industry. It is a subsidiary of Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. (ICE), a global provider of data, technology, and market infrastructure. ICE Mortgage Technology offers software that streamlines and automates the mortgage origination process, enabling lenders to manage their workflows, improve borrower experience, and enhance operational efficiency.[1][2][3]


Founded in 1997 by Limin Hu and Sigmund Anderman, Ellie Mae started as a software company specializing in automating the mortgage origination process. Over the years, the company expanded its product offerings and gained recognition as a pioneer in digital mortgage technology. In 2019, Ellie Mae was acquired by Intercontinental Exchange, Inc., and it was integrated with ICE's global market infrastructure.[4][5][6]

Under the umbrella of ICE, Ellie Mae was rebranded as ICE Mortgage Technology. As ICE Mortgage Technology, the company continues to offer a comprehensive suite of products and services tailored to the needs of mortgage lenders, loan officers, and borrowers.

ICE Mortgage Technology's flagship product is the Encompass Digital Lending Platform, a cloud-based platform that enables mortgage lenders to originate and close loans efficiently while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. The platform offers a range of features, including automated document collection, electronic signatures, credit and income verification, and integrations with third-party data providers.

In addition to the Encompass platform, ICE Mortgage Technology offers a variety of complementary solutions designed to enhance the mortgage origination process. These include solutions for lead generation, customer relationship management (CRM), loan pricing and eligibility, underwriting and risk assessment, closing and funding, and post-closing and secondary marketing.


ICE Mortgage Technology offers a range of services aimed at supporting mortgage industry professionals in optimizing their operations and maximizing the benefits of ICE Mortgage Technology products. Through its Implementation services, the company helps minimize risk and optimize deployment by providing expert assistance with integrations, data extractions, and other deployment-related tasks. Additionally, ICE Mortgage Technology offers Consulting services staffed by experts with extensive knowledge of the company's products and deep industry experience. These professionals work closely with clients to optimize performance and efficiency across their operations, ensuring that businesses run as seamlessly as possible.

To further support its clients, ICE Mortgage Technology provides robust Training programs tailored to meet specific needs. These programs are designed to help mortgage professionals maximize revenue opportunities, streamline processes, mitigate risk, and enhance the customer experience. With a schedule updated quarterly, ICE Mortgage Technology ensures that training opportunities remain current and relevant to industry needs.[7]


ICE Mortgage Technology offers a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to streamline and expedite various stages of the mortgage process, from lead generation to loan origination, closing, servicing, and beyond. For real estate professionals, ICE Mortgage Technology provides solutions aimed at simplifying the day-to-day tasks of MLS staff, agents, and brokers, facilitating smoother transactions in the real estate market. Additionally, the company's lead generation tools help drive leads, identify prospective borrowers, and generate business opportunities at a lower acquisition cost.

Borrowers can benefit from ICE Mortgage Technology's loan application solutions, which enable them to seamlessly capture and submit their information from anywhere at any time, ensuring a convenient and efficient application process. Mortgage lenders of all sizes can leverage the company's loan processing solutions, including a leading mortgage loan origination system, to streamline workflows and enhance accuracy. ICE Mortgage Technology also offers closing and settlement services, such as eSign, eClose, and eRecord, to simplify the final stages of the mortgage process for lenders, settlement agents, borrowers, and counterparties.

In addition to facilitating loan origination and closing, ICE Mortgage Technology provides solutions for capital markets, risk management, valuations, business intelligence, and portfolio management. These solutions empower industry professionals to gain actionable insights, mitigate risk, support regulatory compliance, and identify opportunities for growth and optimization. Moreover, ICE Mortgage Technology's partner network boasts the largest network of integrated partners in the industry, enabling seamless integrations with third-party providers to extend businesses' capabilities and reach.[8]


Encompass® is a comprehensive digital mortgage solution designed to streamline the lending and investing process, offering an end-to-end platform that enables users to acquire more customers and manage loan origination, sales, and purchases efficiently. It serves as a single system of record, eliminating the complexities associated with lending and investing at scale.[9]

Simplifile® provides a secure and collaborative platform for managing pre-closing, post-closing, e-recording, fee, and document tasks in the mortgage industry. It connects lenders, settlement agents, and counties, facilitating electronic management of various processes.

Fee Services offer accurate and near real-time loan estimate and closing disclosure fees to help prevent costly errors during the closing process.

The Product, Pricing, and Eligibility Engine (PPE) is a pricing engine seamlessly integrated into Encompass. It improves the loan officer experience by providing quick access to rate sheets, maintaining data accuracy, and keeping users informed about changes that affect loan scenarios.

MSP® Mortgage Servicing System is loan servicing software that empowers servicers of all sizes to tackle operational challenges effectively.

The Actionable Intelligence Platform℠ delivers actionable analytics to stakeholders, enabling informed decision-making at the right time. It provides insights into various aspects of mortgage operations to optimize performance.

Bankruptcy℠ is a flexible and scalable solution that automates bankruptcy-related tasks using workflow and servicer-defined rules. It streamlines processes and enhances efficiency in managing bankruptcy cases.

Claims℠ streamlines default-related claims processing by centralizing claims information across payers into a user-friendly application.

Paragon® Connect MLS Platform is a device-agnostic, comprehensive MLS platform that offers highly configurable components for real estate agents. It provides essential tools and features agents need for day-to-day operations in an accessible, on-the-go interface.

SiteXPro℠ offers web-based access to property reports, automated valuations, and a comprehensive property-record database. It provides valuable insights into property data and enhances decision-making in real estate transactions.

CA HomePriceTrends℠ is an online analytics tool that generates data, reports, and charts on property trends across the U.S.

Property Data provides nationwide coverage of both residential and commercial properties, offering valuable information for various stakeholders in the real estate industry. It facilitates informed decision-making and market analysis.[10]

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