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Eight of the 31 ISE index options[1] are industry specific and track the combined performance of the most highly capitalized publicly traded companies in specific industry sectors. Each cash-settled index attempts to capture at least two-thirds of the entire industry’s market capitalization.

Each of the indexes except two -- the ISE Homebuilders and ISE Semiconductor indexes -- select a maximum number of 20 companies of the industry by market capitalization.

  • ISE Gold -- Companies that own or operate gold mines or are involved in the production of gold and related products.
  • ISE Integrated Oil & Gas -- Companies engaged in the exploration, production, refining, marketing and transportation of oil and gas.
  • ISE Oil & Gas Services -- Oil and gas drilling contractors, equipment manufacturers and suppliers, and service providers involved in drilling, evaluation and completion of oil and gas wells.
  • ISE U.S. Regional Banks -- Companies active in small- and medium-sized corporate lending and retail banking (regional banks operating in limited regions within the U.S.). Companies primarily engaged in investment banking, brokerage, and asset management are not included in the index, nor are thrifts and mortgage banks.
  • ISE Semiconductors -- Manufacturers of semiconductors and related equipment.
  • ISE Bio-Pharmaceuticals -- Companies primarily engaged in researching, developing, manufacturing, producing, or marketing pharmaceuticals or other products based on biotechnology research.
  • ISE Homebuilders -- Residential construction companies and prefabricated home manufacturers.
  • ISE SINdex -- Owners and operators of casinos and gaming facilities, producers of beer and malt liquors, distillers, vintners and producers of other alcoholic beverages, and manufacturers of cigarettes and other tobacco products.

Each of the ISE industry (sector) indexes is calculated and maintained by Standard & Poor’s (S&P) based on a methodology developed by ISE in consultation with S&P.[2]


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