International Mercantile Exchange

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International Mercantile Exchange
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Founded 2007
Headquarters Doha, Qatar
Key People Steve McMillan, CEO; Patrick Murphy, COO; Esam Janahi, chairman

The International Mercantile Exchange (IMEX) is an electronic exchange which plans to launch contracts in liquified natural gas as well as Shariah-compliant and mini-products by the end of 2007.

The exchange, which was founded in 2007, is initially based in the Qatar Financial Centre, but plans to move to the new Energy City Qatar in 2009.

The venture is backed by Gulf Energy, a private Bahrain-based consortium of energy groups. IMEX has retained the Hess Energy Trading Company and PFC Energy as consultants, with Clifford Chance developing its structure with the Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority[1]

The exchange acquired a stake in London-based Elysian Systems in November 2007 and has licensed its Liquid trading platform for exchange operations.


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