Japan Securities Dealers Association

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Japan Securities Dealers Association
Founded 1973
Headquarters Tokyo
Products Acts as a regulator and promoter of the development of the Japanese securities market
Web site http://www.jsda.or.jp/html/eigo/index.html

The Japan Securities Dealers Association is an association of securities companies and dealers active in Japan.[1]The goal of JSDA is to contribute to the protection of investors by ensuring fair and smooth trading in securities or other transactions by association members and promoting the sound development of the Japanese financial instruments business.

JSDA owns more than 70 percent of the Jasdaq Securities Exchange.[2]

As a self-regulatory organization, JSDA regulates market intermediaries. Its functions cover rule-making, enforcement, inspection, disciplinary actions, accreditation of sales representatives, and dispute mediation.

As a trade association, JSDA acts as the industry’s voice in exchanges with the government and other related parties, conducts and promotes investor education and implements various research programs and studies to generate policy recommendations.[3]


Association Structure[edit]

  • Self-regulation
  • Securities Strategic Policy
  • General Affairs and Administration


JSDA comprises more than 500 members consisting of securities firms and other financial institutions operating securities businesses in Japan.

Key People[edit]


JSDA Members List