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Jeffrey M. Christian
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Occupation Founder
Employer CPM Group

Jeffrey M. Christian is the managing director and founder of CPM Group, which offers commodities research, consulting, asset management and investment banking services.[1]


Christian is well known for his work on copper, foreign exchange markets and other commodities. In 2006, he published "Commodities Rising: The Reality Behind the Hype and How To Really Profit in the Commodities Market[2].

He has worked with governments and organizations such as the United Nations (UN), World Bank, International Finance Corporation and International Monetary Fund (IMF), as well as with many large and prominent mining companies, industrial companies, investment banks, and institutional and individual investors.

Christian writes and speaks extensively about precious metals and commodities markets, as well as world financial and economic conditions. He has been involved in much of the pioneering work applying economic analysis and econometrics to commodities markets, as well as efforts to improve the quality of commodities market research.

Christian created CPM Group in June 1986, when he and his associates within the commodities research group in the Goldman Sachs Investment Research Department left as a unit to create CPM Group as an independent research company.

Previously, Christian was head of commodities research at J. Aron & Company, which was later purchased by Goldman Sachs.[3]; and was editor at Metals Week[4]

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Christian earned a bachelor's degree in Journalism from the Missouri School of Journalism in 1977.