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Jessica Zemple
Location Chicago, IL

Jessica Zemple is an independent management consultant. Previously, she was director of information technology of Intellectual Property Exchange International, Inc. (IPXI), a Chicago-based exchange under development. IPXI aims to be the world’s first financial exchange with an intellectual property focus.[1]


Zemple began her career in public relations for the major league baseball franchise, the Minnesota Twins. Later, she joined the consulting company Accenture, where she worked in a technology role.

Zemple also worked for YJT, a Chicago-based consulting firm serving futures and equity trading firms and exchanges. While at YJT, she played leading role in integration testing of clearing firms in the common clearing link between CME and CBOT and managing the resolution of subsequent integration issues with the CBOT.[2]. She ultimately ended up as an employee of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) after completing this work.

After leaving the CME, she worked as an independent consultant identifying and implementing operational efficiencies.


Zemple graduated from College of St. Benedict.[3]


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