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John Cameron
Occupation Founder and Principal
Employer Cameron Edge
Location Australia

John Cameron is the former chief technology officer of Orc Software AB.[1] He left Orc in June 2009 to launch his own IT consulting firm, "Cameron Edge", which specializes in electronic trading systems and the FIX protocol.


Cameron was employed by Orc Software AB from 2006-2009.

Before joining Orc Software, Cameron was the CTO of Cameron Systems, which he founded in 1997. He was the original author of CameronFIX, which Orc Software acquired in 2006. Cameron Edge maintains a relationship with Orc, providing complementary custom services to Orc‘s CameronFIX customers. [2]

He was a member of the original development team that wrote the SEATS (Stock Exchange Automated Trading System) interface, the automated trading system used by the Australian Stock Exchange, which went live in 1987. [3]


Cameron has a BSc (Hons) Computer Science and pure mathematics and a MSc Computer Science.