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John J. Conheeney

John J. Conheeney was a futures commission merchant executive and a member of the FIA Futures Hall of Fame. Widowed in 1994, Conheeney married author Mary Higgins Clark in 1996.[1][2] He passed away on October 8, 2018.[3]

Conheeney worked for many years for Merrill Lynch Futures in New York, retiring as their chief executive in 1994.

He was inducted into the FIA Futures Hall of Fame on the 50th anniversary of FIA in 2006. Conheeney helped form the Futures Industry Association (FIA) and National Futures Association (NFA).


Involved in the futures business for more than 40 years before retiring, Conheeney spent most of his career at Merrill Lynch, where he began as a trainee in its futures trading program and retired as chief executive officer of Merrill Lynch Futures, Inc.

Conheeney, who served on the board of the Chicago Board of Trade for 11 years, attracted a great deal of attention with his famous “black box” speech in Chicago in 1981 that predicted the future success of electronic exchanges over open outcry.

As a member of the NFA Organizing Committee Conheeney was instrumental in the formation of NFA and served as its chairman from 1990 to 1994. From 1996 to 2005, Conheeney also served on the board of the New York Mercantile Exchange as a public director.

He is married to the romance novelist Mary Higgins Clark (Conheeney). They were introduced by Higgins Clark's daughter, Patricia Clark Derenzo.[4]

Conheeney's accomplishments include playing high school football for Vince Lombardi.[5]


Conheeney is a 1950 graduate of the Manhattan College and and attended graduate school at Tulane University.[6][7]


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