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John C. Jensen
Occupation President
Employer Heritage West Futures
Location San Diego, CA USA

John C. Jensen is the president, founder and owner of Heritage West Futures, an introducing broker (IB). He is also the president of the National Introducing Brokers Association.[1] Additionally, Jensen serves on both the Hearing and Nominating Committees of the National Futures Association.[2][3][4]

Jensen writes Market News, the company’s newsletter, and offers trading comments in the Web site’s Trading Room.


Jensen began his career in the futures industry as a trader in the late 1970s. After 12 years of trading experience, he joined the staff of a local brokerage firm as a futures specialist.[5] He founded Heritage West Futures in 1990.[6]

Registration Information[edit]

  • John Christian Jensen - NFA ID 0227821
  • Heritage West Financial Inc - NFA ID 0229230

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