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Jordan & Jordan

Jordan & Jordan is a market data, management consulting, and information technology services firm that specializes in the financial services and securities industry. Jordan & Jordan has offices in New York, Chicago and London.


In June of 2009, the firm announced that it had reached an agreement with NYSE Technologies to expand NYSE TechnologiesDART system (Data Administration and Reporting Technologies) by integrating it with Jordan & Jordan’s Vendor Reporting System (VRS).[1]

Products and Services[edit]

The firm's market data practice has assisted firms by managing multiple global market data risk assessment and compliance initiatives, coordinating multiple expense management initiatives, providing outsourcing services and interim staffing, and performing market data audits.

Through the management consulting and technology practices, J&J has assisted firms in providing solutions by evaluating business alternatives, developing strategies, selecting or developing suitable technology solutions, assisting in order routing execution technology, providing trade analytics and creating action plans and managing project implementation. The firm manages the Financial Information Forum, FIX Protocol Limited and RIXML.

Key People[edit]


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