Kevin Cook, Northwestern University Instructor and TheStreet Contributor

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Kevin Cook

Cook is a Finance instructor for Northwestern University's School of Continuing Studies. Kevin Cook is OptionsProfits Contributor at TheStreet.[1]

He was previously Education Manager and Retail Instructor at The Options News Network, where he hosted ONN's StreetSmarts interview program.[2]


Cook was an institutional foreign exchange trader for nine years before joining He learned about options trading on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in the mid-1990s and became active in options education. He has written articles on options and on the psychology of trading for SFO Magazine.[3] After he left the trading floor, Cook became an electronic trader on a high-volume currency arbitrage desk where he was a high-frequency market maker for nine years. He was part of a team at the CME that provided liquidity to global banks and funds in all time zones in order to establish a link on Globex between currency futures and the underlying cash markets. During that time he also studied trading psychology and systems.


Cook studied philosophy and education at the University of Illinois at Chicago.[4]


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