Ljubljana Stock Exchange

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Ljubljana Stock Exchange
Founded 1989
Headquarters Ljubljana, Slovenia
Website http://www.ljse.si/

The Ljubljana Stock Exchange (LJSE) was established on 26 December 1989, after two new federal laws enabled such a move in the centrally-planned economy in the former Yugoslavia. The Ljubljana stock market was the first stock exchange to be set up in any socialist country, a move that came only a day before Belgrade got its own stock exchange and six months before the stock markets were set up in Hungary and China. [1]


Upon the opening of the Exchange, 27 securities were traded, the majority of which were state securities, and the rest were securities of Slovenian financial institutions and industrial enterprises. Many of them were the predecessors of todays well known Slovenian companies: Pivovarna Union (the Ljubljana brewery), Union - Hotelska in stavbinska d. d., Ljubljana (hotel and real estate co.), Tekstilna Kocevje (textile industry), Sesir Skofja Loka (hat manufacturers), Tovarna dusika Ruse (nitrogen producers), Zdruzene papirnice (the Ljubljana paper mill), Kranjska industrijska druzba Jesenice, Trboveljska premogokopna druzba Ljubljana (colliery).


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