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ASIC is warning that it has seen an increased number of reports from consumers who lost money responding to ads disguised as fake news articles, mostly promoting crypto-assets and contracts for difference trading. Read More

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John Lothian News Features

Catching Up With Sterling Trading Tech On “unprecedented” Trading

John Lothian » 5.15.21


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ISDA 35th AGM: Are Derivatives a Green Solution?

Suzanne Cosgrove » 5.12.21


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Tom Sosnoff – Open Outcry Traders History Project

John Lothian » 5.12.21


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Tom Sosnoff - The Path to Electronic Trading

John Lothian » 5.11.21

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CME Announces Close of Most of Its Trading Pits; Cboe dabbles in ESG - The Spread

Matt Raebel » 5.7.21

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Jim Krause:The Path to Electronic Trading

John Lothian » 5.4.21

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Credit Suisse Sued for Alleged Market Manipulation; OIC 2021 a Virtual Success - The Spread

Matt Raebel » 5.4.21

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Hemp Farming Looking for Credit; Carbon Credit, That Is

Thom Thompson » 5.2.21

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OIC 2021: What's Next for the Options Industry? 'Not Going to Put the Genie Back In the Bottle'

Suzanne Cosgrove » 4.30.21

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The CryptoMarketsWiki Podcast 19: Coinbase Goes Public

Matt Raebel » 4.29.21

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OIC 2021: SEC's Lee Weighs In On 2020's Challenges, 2021's Regulatory Agenda

Suzanne Cosgrove » 4.28.21

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OIC 2021: Industry Experts Explain the Rise of Retail Options Trading

Matt Raebel » 4.28.21

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OIC 2021: 'Washington Outlook' Is For a Mix of Clouds, Not Sunny Skies, for Biden's Proposals

Sarah Rudolph » 4.28.21

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OIC 2021: The Late Joe Levin Honored With Sullivan Award

John Lothian » 4.28.21

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OIC 2021: Options Industry Conference Kickoff Looks at State of the Industry

John Lothian » 4.28.21

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Intercontinental Exchange's Lynn Martin Walks JLN Through New ICE Portfolio Auction Platform

John Lothian » 4.21.21

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