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Michael Aitken
Michael Aitken.jpg
Occupation Chief Scientist; Professor
Employer CMCRC; University of New South Wales
Location Sydney, Australia

Michael Aitken is the founder of SMARTS Group, maker of a real-time market surveillance system now in use at over 40 exchanges and regulators worldwide. He is also the chief scientist at the Capital Markets Cooperative Research Center (CMCRC), as well as a professor and leading researcher at the University of New South Wales. [1]


In 1997, Aitken founded the Securities Industry Research Center for Asia-Pacific (SIRCA), a non-profit company that hosts and manages financial data for use by over 50 leading universities throughout the world.[2]

In his work with SMARTS, he designed the world's first "off-the-shelf" trading surveillance software now in use at 40 national exchanges and regulators (including the London Stock Exchange, NYSE Euronext, Nasdaq OMX, HKEx, the Swiss Exchange and the Australian Securities Exchange). [3]

Aitken has written several books, including:[4]

  • The Development of Accounting Theory - Significant Contributors to Accounting Thought in the 20th Century with M Gaffikin, (1982)
  • Investing on the Australian Sharemarket, with A Burrowes and R Mullholland (1983) (Fifth reprint 1987)
  • Accounting and Financial Management, with M Hirst (1989)
  • The Microstructure of the Australian Stock Exchange: An Introduction, with A. Frino, E. Jarnecic, M. McCorry and R. Winn (1997).

He has also written dozens of articles and working papers.


Aitken holds a Ph.D. from the Australian Graduate School of Management.[5]


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