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My Block, My Hood, My City
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Founded 2013
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My Block, My Hood, My City (MBMHMC) is a Chicago-based nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of young people in underprivileged neighborhoods and promoting community engagement. Founded by former WH Trading employee Jahmal Cole in 2013, the organization has gained recognition for its innovative programs and efforts to address issues of inequality and opportunity.[1]

Mission and Initiatives[edit]

My Block, My Hood, My City's mission is to provide young people from underserved neighborhoods with a broader perspective on life, education, and career opportunities. The organization achieves this through several key initiatives:

Exploration: MBMHMC organizes exploratory field trips that take students from underserved communities to different parts of the city and beyond. These trips expose young people to new experiences, cultures, and career possibilities, broadening their horizons and inspiring them to aspire to a brighter future.[2][3]

Community Engagement: Jahmal Cole and his team actively engage with the community, organizing and supporting service projects that empower local residents to take pride in their neighborhoods and actively contribute to their improvement.[4]

Scholarships and Support: My Block, My Hood, My City offers scholarships and educational support to help young individuals pursue higher education and personal development opportunities.[5]

Advocacy: Cole uses his platform to advocate for equity, education, and social justice in Chicago and beyond. He raises awareness about the challenges facing underprivileged communities and encourages positive change.

Impact and Recognition My Block, My Hood, My City's programs have had a significant impact on the lives of young people in Chicago's underserved neighborhoods. The organization's efforts have helped students gain access to educational and career opportunities that they might not have otherwise had, contributing to the revitalization and empowerment of these communities.

The organization has received recognition and awards for its contributions to the community.[6]



Key People[edit]

Cole, the founder of My Block, My Hood, My City, is a well-known community organizer and activist. He was born and raised in Chicago and has a deep connection to the city and its neighborhoods. His personal experiences and dedication to social change have been instrumental in the organization's success.[7]