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Natsource LLC
Founded 1994
Headquarters New York, NY with offices in Washington D.C., London, Tokyo, Calgary and Ottawa
Key People Jack Cogan, president and CEO
Products emissions and energy broker, asset management, advisory and research

Natsource is one of the largest greenhouse gas asset managers with over $1.4 billion in committed capital.[1]

Natsource's emissions business is comprised of three business units: asset management services, advisory and research services and brokerage services.[2]

The firm is one of the pioneers in the greenhouse gas emissions market. It handles trades in Certified Emission Reduction CER and European Union Allowance (EUA) markets as well as in Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs, Nitrous Oxide (NOx) and Sulfur Dioxide (SO2).


In 2005, the firm created the Greenhouse Gas Credit Aggregation Pool which has attracted participation from Europe, Canada and Japan. Natsource pooled about 510 million euros for the fund.

In 2006, Natsource launched the Aeolus on-shore and off-shore funds which are focused on investments in renewable energies and emissions.[3]

In January 2008, Natsource formed a pool for European companies to buy carbon credits that could be used to meet Kyoto Protocol requirements. The pool has a 200 million euro target for the pool.

On June 12, 2008, the firm closed the Natsource Carbon Asset Pool (NAT-CAP) at 86 million euros.

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