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Founded 2015
Headquarters Chicago
Key People David Widerhorn, CEO and Co-founder

Neurensic, acquired by Trading Technologies in October 2017, provided an AI platform for trading, compliance, surveillance and banking. TT planned to fold the firm's technology into its TT trading platform, effectively shuttering Neurensic.[1]

Founded in 2015, the firm offered tools to help futures traders and brokers comply with regulations barring disruptive trading practices such as spoofing.

The company was co-founded by David Widerhorn, who served as CEO; Tim Geannopulos, former COO, Zachary Watts, former chief technology officer, and Paul Giedraitis, managing director of technical sales.[2]

Leo Melamed was chairman of Neurensic's board of advisers.


The company was founded in 2015 by David Widerhorn and the three co-founders and touted its technology as among the groundbreaking firms in the regulatory compliance space, which aims to help firms and regulators find unlawful trading.

Products and Services[edit]

Neurensic released two new products at the FIA Expo in Chicago in 2015:

CORE was its surveillance software that uses self-learning technology that automatically recognizes new “disruptive trading” practices, providing firms with a continuous assessment of the compliance risk associated with complex trading behaviors.

OPS enabled firms to understand the true value of their customer population in light of the technological complexities of the modern trading world. It uses predictive analytics and visualization technologies to reveal the underlying costs, revenues and risks associated with each customer.

Key People[edit]